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  • Chances are You Live in a Holographic Universe

    Ervin Laszlo is about to publish his latest and probably most important book to date, in which he explains why it is highly probable you and I are living in a holographic universe. In a paper released today by his Center for Advanced Study, Dr Laszlo tells us why a new (r)evolution is already under way.In the natural sciences  A number of unexpected, and for the dominant paradigm critically anomalous observations have come to light. They call for the re-interpretation of some of science’s fundamental assumptions about the nature of the universe, and of the principal kinds of things that appear in it.

     Characteristics of the new paradigm

    The series of critically anomalous observations can be traced to an landmark experiment performed by Alain Aspect and collaborators in 1982. It demonstrated that when particles are split and the split halves are projected a finite distance from each other, they remain connected despite the space that…

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